Our Location

Old Towne Orange, CA

Our Location | Full Potential Pilates

Full Potential Pilates Studio has easy access to four major freeways with plenty of parking you can “work” up an appetite and walk to the Old Towne Orange Plaza for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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The Studio

Health and Fitness

The Studio | Full Potential Pilates

We welcome you with a private, refreshing, energizing atmosphere as you are appropriately challenged with a work out. Take a deep cleansing breath and start your way to better health!

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The Equipment


The Equipment | Full Potential Pilates

Joseph Pilates designed the equipment to assist his clients to perform the Mat exercises properly. Spring resistance is used to strengthen, stretch and align the body in hundreds of movements in varieties of sitting, standing and lying positions.

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206, 2015

Spinal Issues & Injury Recovery

Spinal Issues The Pilates method of exercise strengthens, lengthens and balances the muscles of the spine. This decompresses and aligns injured vertebrae which relieve the disc and nerve pressure. As a result, decompression allows the blood flow and circulation to the damaged tissue. As the pelvis and spine are stabilized through the foundational exercises and Pilates Principles, the body is able to correct any other weak or damaged areas much more effectively. Injury recovery Full Potential Pilates has had high success results in using the Pilates method on clients suffering with a wide variety of body complications and ailments such [...]

Movement Principles

June 2nd, 2015|0 Comments

Joseph Pilates formulated six principles of movement that will establish and improve the quality of each exercise. These concepts can be applied to any exercise regime and in all movements of your daily life. Focus [...]

Balance like a “Star”

June 2nd, 2015|0 Comments

Do you have good balance?   “Pilates is a physical movement program designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body.” BALANCE: n) a state of bodily equilibrium              **QUICK BALANCE TEST,  NOW!: see below Transitive verb) [...]